All About the Project

The City’s land use regulations were not up to date with current planning theory and standard zoning practice, and were difficult to administer. Over the past decades, it had been amended in a piecemeal manner and was no longer supportive of the City’s vision.


In their place, the City of Douglasville wanted a  new zoning ordinance and development regulations that are clear, concise, and user friendly. These new revisions have been consolidated together in as a single Unified Development Ordinance (UDO).  The UDO has been prepared to be legally defensible and has incorporated innovative zoning techniques and best professional practices in the areas of planning, architecture, and urban design.


See our process process below and how we achieved adoption by May of 2019. 


March 2018: UDO Organization. What is the best way to organize the new UDO? How can we maximize user friendliness and clarity?


April: UDO Administration and Definitions. During this month we discussed the basic administrative aspects of the code including what it applies to and how it relates to other ordinances; how to define conformity and non-conformity; administrative processes; and roles and functions of city staff, boards, and commissions.


May: Zoning District Standards. May was a deep dive into the existing zoning ordinance and official zoning map, and will result in recommended revisions to districts including purposes, uses, and design standards.


June: Zoning Code Supplemental Regulations and Performance Standards. During this month, the project team looked at new regulations, such as those addressing microbreweries, solar panels, urban agriculture, outdoor commercial display, food trucks, and performance standards.


July & August: Development Regulation Permitting Procedures.  The focus was on the review procedures associated with development regulations, as well as development standards and design guidelines.


September: Development Regulation Standards and Design Guidelines. After reviewing procedures, August was spent looking at standards for environmental protection, site development and platting, and landscape and buffering.


October: Coordination with Other Codes. The project team reviewed the City’s other codes and identified  inconsistencies, and addressed them. 

November - January 2019: Comprehensive Review of entire Code & Zoning Map. The public, City Staff, Elected and Appointed Officials began a comprehensive review of the document to ensure all bases were covered. 


February-April 2019: This time period was spend addressing comments and refining the document to prepare it for adoption. 

May 2019: This Mayor & Council Adopted the Unified Development Ordinance after addressing comments. 

City of Douglasville

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